In summer 1990 the incorporated society "Antistalinistische Aktion Berlin Normannenstraße" (ASTAK e.V.) constituted itself and took over the sponsorship for the research and memorial place which opened in house No. 1 of the MfS comlex of buildings on November 7th.


Members of the association came particularly from the committee "Bürgerkomitee Normannenstraße", which already formed on the evening of January 15th 1990 (today: "Citizens Committee 15. Januar"). Former GDR-civil rights activists, which were arrested for their oppositional activities and were not allowed to enter after they got "bought" by West-Germany and were released, joined later on.


Intention of the association is the encouragement of establishing a centre for collection, reservation, documentation, and exhibition of references and evidences, as well as theme-specific research. The association is going to take their intentions into the political and social conflict, to encourage the public forming of opinions and to educate.

Executive committee

Bernd Lippmann (chairman)
Michael Bradler
Uwe Hillmer
Dr. Carlo Jordan
John Steer

Audit Commission
Johann Kriz
Heinz Meier
Lutz Pupke

Charter of the Association (pdf-file, german)

Concept of the museum (pdf-file, german)

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